connect my Iphone to AirPrint with my printerYou have a world recognized mobile device named “Apple- iPhone” wow, but having problems to connect iPhone to Airprint with your printer in printing. This is kind of indigestible. You couldn’t make prints, having trouble in commanding. You have tried your best to get rid of it but couldn’t rectify.

No need to worry at all…That is why we have come with some amazing techie solutions only for you.


  1. Before we are going to teach you or making you aware of printing new exposed technology, keep a thing in your head first, that “IS YOUR PRINTER SUPPORTS THE AirPrint?
  2. Connect your iOS device with your Wi-Fi network safely that you can give AirPrint.

Now, let’s go the solutions below:

Print with AirPrint before you go for a further step, you need to download the AirPrint application from Google Play Store or you can download it from Apple Store-iTunes.

  • Access your Apple device and open your application that you want to give print.
  • Now, to find the print option, you need to search for Share Icon in your iOS Printer application
  • Tap on Printer Icon in your Apple mobile phone, if you couldn’t find the print option.
  • Then, go and check your User Guide, which is given while you downloaded the AirPrint application or you, can call on iOS Printer Support Number.
  • Now, tap on your select printer and enable it with AirPrint-enable Printer.
  • You can choose now, the number of copies and files which you want to give the command for printing via your Apple device.
  • Click, on Tap for print.

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