It’s Easy to troubleshoot your Epson Printer while you are facing some issues on Printing Papers, Paper Clog, a Cartridge is not put well and there are so many other reasons that you must have faced or maybe you are facing.

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The solutions are just right at the below of your screen. Here you can find the very much cleared and steps to steps instructions for your better vision on your Epson Printer Problems that you getting.

6 Easy Steps to Troubleshoot Your Epson Printer Faster:

Step 1:

  • Check your connection that you have plugged in your cable or it not plugged.
  • Ensure and confirm by that you have the printer cable plugged in.
  • When your printer would get connected with the LED lights will light up when you press the power button of your printer.

Step 2:

  • Check the Status of your printer for the LED lights goes green.
  • And then, your printer will indicate you by showing “Connected”, “Ready” or “Online”.
  • Refer and try your printer manual book if you receive an error message.

Step 3:

  • Now, give an idle command or test print. To check your printer is well working.
  • Most Epson Printers have the self-test options, the printer gives themselves the print.

Step 4:

  • Check your cartridge because the Ink level will tell you the status of your printer.
  • If black and white papers are coming out well then, try to print a sample in color.
  • If you still, facing problem after checking the black and white and then color.
  • Change your printer Cartridge.

Step 5:

  • Clean your printer with the soft and white cloth that the cloth can remove the dirt from the Cartridge.
  • And, check the Printer Logs if it has some paper stuck inside.
  • If, the paper has stuck then, try to Remove easily and effortlessly because if you will put your effort on cartridge maybe your printer goes break.
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Step 6:

  • It is nice to have a wireless printer and has a self-cleaning feature in it. The printer will go to clean its own if something is fuzzy.
  • After that, you can go to the printer’s utility or printer’s property
  • There click on the clear print head.
  • Or you can keep it dry to use cloths.

These are the most usable and common techniques to get rid of the problems with your Epson Printer.

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