How do you troubleshoot an HP printer that won’t print?

How do you troubleshoot an HP printer that won’t print?

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Printers are unavoidable in offices and now a days even at homes, even though the world is going digital in all respects. In other way round we can say that because of digitization only, we need the printers very often. Well, it is simply awesome when a printer works properly and is equally frustrating if it does not do so. Even if you are using best printers like HP Printers, you may come across some issues. Here’s how you can solve some of the most common problems such as not printing at all due to blocked nozzles and other issues.

Often the reason is as simple as under use or over use. Many people don’t use their inkjet printers enough which in turn can lead to dried-up ink, that blocks the nozzles resulting into no printing at all. The problem of overuse is not very common but misuse and carelessness causing simple and sometimes serious or worse problems are very common. Carelessness like dropping paper clips, hair bands and even foods can jams in printers.

HP Printers are able to run reliably for many years and produce thousands of prints. And due to misuse they can also malfunction or stop working entirely.

In case even after rechecking above facts, the HP Printer is unable to print, then you have to try some other various ways to troubleshoot an HP Printer. Here are the issues and their solutions to deal in such problems.

  1. If your HP printer was working well using network before and now it is not then, here are some solutions you can try.
  • First, try restarting your computer, HP printer and wireless router.
  • Check the network connection of the HP printer.
  • Check if your network is connected properly to your computer.
  • Do recheck if anything was changed on your computer recently.
  • Also see if anything has been changed or updated on your wireless router recently.
  • A VPN is used to make a secure connection to a remote network. If you are actively connected to VPN, then you may not be able to print to your wireless printer. Disable your VPN connection to print again.
  • Check the IP address on your printer. If it is changed then correct it as earlier to print again.
  1. If your printer has never worked over the network, then follow the below steps to come out of the problem.
  • Power cycle your wireless router, printer and computer.
  • Then see if the printer is connected to your network or not. If not then connect it properly.
  • Make it sure if you have installed the printer software yet. If not, then install it to start printing.
  • Check the router settings you are using. There are some advanced router settings which may be not compatible with your HP printer. So use an compatible router.
  • Some security programs may block communication between your printer and your computer. Check those firewall and software security programs to make your HP printer working.