The Most Common Problems With Epson Printer

When your printer is not want to cooperate in needs, that situation makes you feel frustrated. And why not! We are human and it’s your nature. The meeting is going to happen in about soon and your printer says, ‘’I am not going to work for you’’. Right!


The same feeling, when we are sticking in one. But not to worry! Your solutions are in our hand.

Let’s give you a brief knowledge about some common problems in Printers:

 Printer Hardware Problem

One of the common problems is Epson Printer Hardware Problem that you face while using the printer.

  1. Code/ cable issue
  2. Storage issue

Code or Cable issue sometimes it is not necessary that your computer or printer has a problem, because wires and cables are also responsible for printing issue. There are two types of cables which are attached to your printer. One is USB Cable and another one is Data Cable.

How you can get over it…! Let us summarize you.

Step 1

  • Turn off your printer and then disconnect the USB Cable from its plug.
  • Examine the cable, is it cracked from somewhere or broken.
  • If, it has cuts on cable then, it may be troubling you and maybe damage your printer as well as a computer.
  • Now, check your printer USB cable and examine it carefully and attentively. If, it is physically damaged then replace it at that time.

Step 2

  • Measure your cable length, sometimes cable length is also the reason behind the Printer Hardware Problem.
  • Because the length should be 6 feet, not more than, if your cable is more than long then replace it with the shorten cable.
Canon Printer Support
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Storage issue this problem comes when your printer memory is somehow full with unnecessary data. In order to keep your printer in a working state, like printer job jam and the computer send the next spool. And this is why the printer is facing the storage issue and stops printing.

  • Canceling the Print job to clear the print queue, you need to open your computer and Open the Devices and Printer option by going into the Control Panel.
  • Then, click right on the printer, which needs to be clean.
  • And after that, click on See, what is printing.
  • Open, the printer menu
  • Pick the option” Cancel the entire documents”.
  • And choose “YES” option from both yes and no.

The printing command list would cancel and will delete automatically. And the storage of your printer would be free for next command.